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Visiting United Kingdom[edit]

The United Kingdom is a country northwest of mainland Europe. It is divided into four parts: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The main capital city is at London, in the south.

The country is located on the island of Great Britain, with the exception of Northern Ireland, which is on Ireland. There are also some small islands off the coast, like the Isle of Man, Jersey, the Orkney Islands, etc.

There are some popular sights in the country, many of which are in London. Outside of London, Stonehenge is a popular tourist destination.

Entering United Kingdom with a Car or Motorbike[edit]

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Required Paperwork[edit]

(To check if you need a travel Visa for United Kingdom, application instructions and fees see: United Kingdom Visa online application at VisaHQ.com)
List the paperwork required to enter with a vehicle, including number of copies

If you are from an EU or EEA member state, you only need your passport or national identity card. If you are not from an EU or EEA member state, you need your passport and potentially a visa (depends of the country you are from)

If you are travelling with children, you may be required to prove the relationship. This can be done with: - a birth / adoption certificate - a letter from the other parent giving permission for the child to travel with you Check Gov.uk - Before you leave for the UK before you leave to get the most up-to-date guidance

Process at border[edit]

Briefly describe the process at the border to enter with a vehicle

At border control, you need to select the correct lane corresponding to your passport. EU / EEA / UK citizens have a separate channel to other passports. Follow the signage to ensure the correct lane is used. You need to ensure you have your passport ready, not in a cover.

If you have a visa, you must see a border control agent to get a stamp in your passport. You cannot use the ePassport gates with a visa.

Cost of entry[edit]

State the cost for a vehicle to enter

Permitted length of stay[edit]

State the permitted length of entry for the vehicle

Extension of stay[edit]

Describe the process to extend the permitted length of entry for the vehicle, if possible.

See the UK Visa and Immigration Office website: Gov.uk - Applying for a Visa

Storing a vehicle and temporarily leaving the country[edit]

Describe if/how a vehicle can be stored, and for how long.
Also mention if the owner / temporary importer can leave the country while the vehicle is in storage.

Exiting with a vehicle[edit]

Describe the paperwork requirements and process at the border to exit.

Driving in United Kingdom[edit]

Recommended books for Overlanding in United Kingdom[edit]

Lonely Planet Great Britain (travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Great Britain (travel Guide)
by Lonely Planet
From $17.41 on Amazon
Work Less To Live Your Dreams: A Practical Guide To Sa...
Work Less To Live Your Dreams: A Practical Guide To Sa...
by Dan Grec
From $click on Amazon
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route And Planning Gu...
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route And Planning Gu...
by Chris Scott
From $22.49 on Amazon
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Gu...
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Gu...
by Chris Scott
From $click on Amazon
Skye & Outer Hebrides Focus Guide (footprint Focus)
Skye & Outer Hebrides Focus Guide (footprint Focus)
by Alan Murphy
From $5.15 on Amazon

The AA (Automobile Association) produces a wide range of map books and driving equipment for the UK.

Travel insurance for United Kingdom[edit]

World Nomads offer the most flexible Travel Insurance at the best prices for multi-country / multi-year trips. You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you've left home.

Travel insurance is highly recommended,

Vehicle insurance requirements[edit]

Minimum insurance is third party, fire and theft. Fully comprehensive is recommended.

Cost of vehicle insurance[edit]

State the price of insurance and a time period.

Normally around £500 per annum, though depends on deemed risk / vehicle value, etc...

Where to purchase vehicle insurance[edit]

Describe where insurance can be purchased.

There are a number of vehicle insures, as well as comparison websites

Driving license[edit]

State the kind of driving licenses required. i.e. International Driving Permit.

See this gov.uk website to find out whether your driving license is valid in the UK: Gov.uk - Driving License Validity

Driving side of road[edit]

LHD vehicles can be driven in United Kingdom without a problem.

Mandatory items in vehicle[edit]

State any mandatory items that must be carried in the vehicle. (i.e. safety triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.)


General Road quality[edit]

Most roads are of high quality, especially motorways. In many cities, there may be many one way streets (however these will be clearly signed). After the winter period (December - March), there may be pot-holes in A and B category roads. Most overland-style vehicles should be unaffected by these, though.

Road signs[edit]

Road signs are common on all roads.

Toll roads[edit]

There are very few toll roads in the UK. The only major toll road is the ‘M6 Toll’.

Bribery in United Kingdom[edit]

Briefly describe how common bribery is and whether it should be expected, and the best way to deal with it.


Apart from ferry crossings, none.

Traveling with pets[edit]

List the entry requirements and anything else required to travel with a pet.

Gas price in United Kingdom and Diesel price in United Kingdom[edit]

Last updated: December 2018

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Gasoline Grade Price
Unleaded £1.31 GBP per Liter[1]
Diesel £1.34 GBP per Liter[1]

Gas and Diesel Availability / Frequency[edit]

Fuel shortages are not common at all. People tend to panic buy when refinery staff and tanker drivers go on strike but that is rare.
Generally, there are fewer than 100 miles between fuel stations. Very common in urban areas, the more rural you go the less they appear but towns and cities are quite close together.

Gas and Diesel Quality[edit]

Fuel quality is high. Majority of 'standard' fuel is 97/98 octane. 'Premium' fuel is around 98/99.

Safety and Security Considerations[edit]

Driving at night[edit]

Discuss driving at night and if it should it be avoided. Mention why.

Vehicle parking[edit]

Discuss if vehicles can be parked on the street, if they are considered "safe" at night. If vehicles can not be parked on the street, list the other options that exist.

Most areas are generally safe, some built-up areas may have a higher risk than the countryside.

Special driving considerations[edit]

In rural areas, there can be animals wandering about but it is not too common. Just don't go winging round corners. List any roads that are not recommended to drive for safety or other security reasons.

Security advisories and information[edit]

See the [gov.uk] website for any advisories, particularly the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Camping in United Kingdom[edit]

Wild camping in Scotland is perfectly legal provided you don't make a mess or cause damage. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, technically not permitted but unless you cause criminal damage or annoy a farmer no one will care. Just park up out of the way and clean up. Leave no trace.

Some areas are having additional by-laws introduced to reduce the vandalism caused by large groups of people camping. Check the local restrictions, which are usually made very obvious.

Camping guide books[edit]

List and link to books specifically for camping.

Drinking water[edit]

Tap Water is completely safe. Tap Water in the UK is cleaned regularly.


Paper maps[edit]

Reise Know-How are amoung the best paper maps. Purchase paper maps before arriving in United Kingdom

Ireland & Northern Ireland 1:350,000 Travel Map, Water...
Ireland & Northern Ireland 1:350,000 Travel Map, Water...
by Reise Knowhow
From $12.95 on Amazon
United Kingdom (national Geographic Adventure Map)
United Kingdom (national Geographic Adventure Map)
by National Geographic Maps - Adventure
From $9.49 on Amazon
United Kingdom (national Geographic Adventure Map)
United Kingdom (national Geographic Adventure Map)
by National Geographic Maps - Adventure
From $9.49 on Amazon
Lonely Planet Ireland (travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Ireland (travel Guide)
by Lonely Planet, Fionn Davenport, Damian Harper, Cat...
From $15.01 on Amazon

The best paper maps in the UK are produced by an organisation called Ordnance Survey - you can buy their maps on their website: [os.co.uk Ordnance Survey Maps] Ordnance Survey also have a digital subscription (about £20 / year), which lets you create routes, download maps to your iPad / phone, etc... and print out custom maps

GPS Maps of United Kingdom[edit]

Review different GPS companies, quality and coverage (Tomtom, Garmin, OSM, Tracks4Africa). (with links to each).

GPS co-ordinates for camping, propane, gas, repairs, etc. in United Kingdom[edit]

  • iOverlander is a website and iPhone application designed by Overlanders, for Overlanders. It contains GPS co-ordinates and reviews for camping, hotels, propane, water, mechanics, borders and much more.

Link to sites that have a list of GPS co-ordinates (or directions) for camping locations (including "wild" campsites), propane filling, gas stations, repair shops, places of interest, etc.

Most fuel stations in the UK sell propane and butane gas. This is typically in a variety of cylinder sizes. Calor and FloGas are the two largest brands. You sign a cylinder refill agreement, which is normally around half the initial cost of the gas. You can then take the empty bottle back to any place that sells that brand, and get a refill. See [calor.co.uk Calor] and [flogas.co.uk FloGas] for more details. It is very uncommon to be able to refill propane cylinders, due to the safety risks associated. Almost all autogas dispensing machines are designed to not fit portable bottles. Do not use adaptors with them, they have been know to explode / cause severe injury.

Special Overland Travel interests[edit]

List any special items / places that are popular with Overlanders

Vehicle Maintenance[edit]


4x4s / Trucks


Local Garages[edit]

Add known good mechanics here.

Buy or sell a car or motorbike in United Kingdom[edit]

Describe how a foreigner can buy a vehicle. List any difficulties or limitations on where the vehicle can be driven.

Describe how a foreigner can sell a foreign-plated vehicle, or list not possible.'


Links to the source of any information - blogs or discussion forums, etc.

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