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Overland Forums provide a useful resource for independent travelers.

Topics range from vehicle specific, trip reports, planning and the usual general conversations from forum members.

A few of the most popular overland forums are listed below:


Expedition Portal - members: 120,000
ADV Rider - members: 185,392
Horizons Unlimited-The HUBB - members: 50,602
Southern Africa Overland Forum - members: 508 (Email distribution)
ExploreOz - members: 60,376 (membership required)
Overland Sphere Forum
Panam Buy & Sell vehicles, Find Shipping partners forum
Member count as of: 7 December 2011

Facebook Groups
Overland Sphere Global Overlanding FB Group
Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Adventure Travellers FB Group, 7500 members
Panam Travellers Association FB Groupe


Buschtaxi.net forums - members 12346
Wüstenschiff.de forums - members 5330
Panamericana Info
Member count as of: 11. June 2015


Member count as of: 7 December 2011


Dutch Overlanding FB Group, 452 members

Member count as of: 19. September 2017


International Overland Families, 834 members

Member count as of: 19. September 2017