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A Fiche is a piece of paper with details about yourself and your vehicle. It's written in French to make communicating all the important details easier at Police Checkpoints.


The Fiche is used in Southern [Morocco]], Western Sahara and Mauritania at Police Checkpoints. Sometimes you will show your passport to, and on rare occasions the temporary import permit for your vehicle, and maybe your vehicle insurance.


Nom: Surname
Prénoms: Firstname Middlename
Passeport n°: Passport number
Délivré le: Date passport issued
Date de naissance: Birthdate
Délivré à: Place passport issued
Lieu de naissance: Place of birth
Valide jusqu’à: Date passport is valid until
Nationalité: Nationality
Profession: Profession
Domicile: Home address, including country
Situation familiale: marital status(Single: Célibataire – Married: Marié – Divorced: Divorcé – Separated: Séparé)
Motif du voyage: Tourisme
Nom du père: Name of Father
Nom de la mère: Name of Mother
Date d'entrée Maroc: Date of entry to Morocco (from your passport)
Port of entry: Port of entry to Morrocco
CIN #: The number from the Morocco stamp in your passport
Marque du véhicule: Make and model of vehicle
Immatriculation: License plate of vehicle
VIN: VIN of vehicle