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Visiting Guatemala[edit]

Give a brief overview of what it's like to visit. How easy is the border, how safe is the country, are there great things to see and do, etc.

Entering Guatemala with a Car or Motorbike[edit]

Where indicated, certain sections correct as of: September 2023

Required Paperwork[edit]

(To check if you need a travel Visa for Guatemala, application instructions and fees see: Guatemala Visa online application at VisaHQ.com)

  • Passport
  • Vehicle title or registration
  • Drivers license of person importing the vehicle
  • Photocopy of passport photo page, title, registration, driver's license, and Guatemalan entry stamp page
  • A notarized letter from the registered owner if they are not present
  • Once when entering from Mexico they also wanted our Mexican Banjercito documentation to prove we'd exited Mexico properly
  • A COVID test is not required.

Process at border[edit]

  • The owner of the vehicle gains entry at immigration (migración), including a stamp in their Passport.
  • Your vehicle will be fumigated, which costs Q40.00 GTQ. Be sure to get a receipt.
  • The owner must show the new passport stamp, drivers license and the original vehicle registration to customs (aduana).
  • Pay the required fee of Q160.00 GTQ at the nearby bank. Be sure to get a receipt.
  • The owner is issued a temporary import permit for the vehicle.
  • GPS coordinates of the where to park, fumigation, and offices can be found here

NOTE: You will encounter pushy locals offering to help you with paperwork to get across the border. See Border Crossing Helpers for advice.

Entering From Belize Border - Benque Viejo Del Carmen / Melchor de Mencos[edit]

(Updated May 2023)

  • If driving a car, enter the huge fumigation garage immediately after exiting Belize.
  • After fumigation pull to the right and park.
  • If riding a motorcycle, do not enter the fumigation garage. Ride down the path on the right side of the garage and park your motorcycle in from the first building to your right. A person with a hand held fumigation tool will fumigate your motorcycle.
  • On your right side of the street will be a window where you need to pay for the fumigation (cost 37Q). An official will come out and check your license plate. Once you pay you will receive a receipt for payment and a document that has your license on it. Check it and make sure it is accurate and keep it handy.
  • Drive your vehicle across the left side of the street to park in the small gravel lot for Immigration and Aduana. The building might be behind a big semi truck. As of May 2023, it is now a fully enclosed building with doors. Get in line and get your passport stamped for entry. Confirm it is enough time. 90 days maximum.
  • Go to the left of that line (2 steps away) and start the process for your TIP (Aduana). You will be required to show documents that will confirm the VIN and license plate. You will need copies of the title, registration, drivers license, main passport photo page as well as a copy of the newly stamped passport page of the driver. Copies may be obtained at a copy place around the corner to the left (when looking at the street) down two buildings and to the left again (pink building) or across the bridge at a building on the right. This is where a helper comes in handy.
  • The Custom official takes the copies of your title, registration, drivers license, passport photo, entry stamp, and THE FUMIGATION RECEIPT and creates two sheets of paper with your VIN on it. CHECK THE VIN closely.
  • You then take the documentation to Banrural (5B) Bank, a 15 minute walk into Guatemala. You must pay 160Q cash (they have an ATM through a different door to the left). The banker will stamp your form given by the Aduana official. After paying, return the stamped document to the same custom official, and they will give you the TIP Sticker and the document back. They will also visit your vehicle to confirm it is the correct one with the VIN. (In some cases the official will not check your VIN or ask you to take a photo with your phone of the vehicle VIN and show them your photo) UPDATE 16 OCTOBER 2022 by @SteveSaysGo: It was Sunday and banks were closed so I paid one of the helpers who brought us to his friend (lady) across from aduana at a little store: she paid the 160Q online from her phone and stapled receipt to paperwork: I gave her the money +40Q for her time. She also made copies for 2Q each. Well worth not making the walk into town. I gave the helper cash and he went into town and brought me back a SIM card too (he was gone for 30 minutes total). For all his help, I gave him 100Q.
  • If you have pets you should get the proper permits while stopped here. This process was quite easy. Handed over vet papers procured in Mexico and paid just over 100Q. Much less than we paid to enter Belize. We got a receipt for the purchase as well as a document to be given to the border in Honduras for them to formalize our exit date.
  • Pull forward towards the cone and the bridge. You will hand over your documentation. The person will confirm your license plate, VIN, and check that you’ve displayed the blue TIP sticker on your windshield. They will then hand the paperwork back to you with a big smile and a "Welcome to Guatemala". In some cases they do not check your paperwork and simply wave you through.
  • If riding a motorcycle, the border official told me NOT to put the sticker on my windshield because rain will damage it. I was told to keep the sticker and paperwork in my motorcycle at all times.
  • On the other side of the bridge an official will ask for 150Q as a "city tax" for cars and around 20Q for motorcycles. Get a receipt.

You are good to go.

NOTE - Crossing this border took about two hours on 12/31/18 and was a pleasant experience. Their computers actually crashed while processing our TIP and without that this whole crossing would have taken less than an hour. Update: crossing the border took us two and a half hours on 12/13/21, mostly due to needing to walk to Banrural Bank and wait in a long line at the bank to pay the TIP fee.

(Submitted by www.slowcarfasthouse.com)

(Updates added on 12/31/18 by www.elperrotambien.com)

(Updates added on 12/14/21 by www.roamingadventurers.com)

Entering From Tapachula / Talismán / El Carmen border[edit]

  • Pushy 'helpers' will try to direct you to a carpark but it is possible to find a spot on the street (we've managed it both times).
  • Migración are the blue windows on the left-hand side just after the bridge, look for "Passaportes". Lefthand Window is for "To Guatemala" ("a Guatemala"), the righthand window is for "To Mexico" ("a Mexico"). Tell them you have a car and they will give you a carbon copy of the form you filled out here to take the SAT office.
  • Fumigation is at the beginning of the official buildings on the traffic median under the big roof over the road where it splits. (Cost: 38 Quetzals for a Toyota Campervan 5.2 mts long, Q17 for a Toyota Tacoma)
  • After fumigation, pull up and park to the right under the covered area
  • Everything else official is done at the SAT office slightly further uphill in the building in the traffic median.
  • There is a bank just next door, uphill from the SAT office. Cost of import is currently Q160 (9/27/17)
  • Photocopies "copias" and any legal work can be done at the shops about 10-20m uphill from the SAT office on the right (since you need a copy of the entry stamp in your passport you will almost certainly need to get copies done).
  • There are no other fees - no bridge fees, parking fees or entry fees. Don't be scammed!

Note: As of early 2015 if trying to cross between Guatemala and Southern Mexico then Google Maps will likely direct you through the freight-only border crossing. Look for Talismán on the Mexican side and El Carmen on the Guatemalan side.

Mexico to Guatemala at La Mesilla 12th January 2016. Updated to include tourist permit and vehicle permit extensions in Guatemala City. We crossed the Mexican/Guatemalan border on 12th January 2016 with our motorcycle. Our full experience is documented at the following location http://www.tiger800rtw.com/?p=1095 and includes GPS coordinates and photographs.

Cost of entry[edit]

  • Q40.00 GTQ for fumigation.
  • Q160.00 GTQ for the vehicle entry.

There is no cost entry into the country. see note below: It seems that the 20 GTQ/person entry fee for Guatemala is a scam. No one else paid the fee, and the immigration agent refused to give a receipt, stating that the passport stamp was the receipt.

If coming from Belize, the bridge fee at the border is only Q10.00 GTQ, not more! They will try to charge you more! If coming from Mexico, the bridge fee is 17 MXN.

NOTE: The CA-4 stamp that most nationalities get allowing entry to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua for 90 days is supposed to be free, but some customs officials will ask for money. Politely ask for a receipt, and do not pay unless you are given a receipt for this. To avoid ire from the immigration officials it is recommended to pay the fee, which is dubbed "beer tax". IF you don't pay, they may refuse entry for unknown reasons.

Permitted length of stay[edit]

90 days. Guatemala is part of the CA-4 Border control agreement. This agreement grants travel between Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua for a TOTAL of 90-days. The number of days remaining on your CA4 is written in your passport as you travel from country to country. The 90-day limit begins when you enter any country that is part of the CA4 agreement. To avoid penalty and fines, Exit the CA4 countries and enter into Costa Rica or Mexico/Belize before the 90-days limit expires.

Extension of stay[edit]

(Updated July 2023)

In Guatemala City, you may, as a courtesy, receive one extension of 90 days for a tourist visa. You can also get your vehicle permit extended to match the date on your passport in Guatemala City.

STEP 1: Extend your tourist visa by either A) performing the 8 day tourist visa extension process at the Guatemala City Immigration Office or B) Leave your vehicle in Guatemala, cross a non CA-4 border (by land or flight), and return to Guatemala City with a new passport stamp.

STEP 2: Extend your vehicle TIP at Guatemala City's Aduana Express Aereo office to match the new date on your passport stamp.

STEP 1A - Tourist Visa Extension at Immigration Office

To extend your tourist visa without leaving the country, you'll need to go to the Immigration Office Extranjeria in Zone 4. Direccion General de Inmigracion (Extranjeria), Avenida 6, 3-11, Zona 4, Open Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) 8:30am-4:30pm. Phone #: (502) 2411-2411 GPS: N14 37.297 W90 31.014. This process takes 8 calendar days.


  • Black and white passport photo (available next door)
  • Original passport
  • Two copies of the passport photo page
  • One copy of the Guatemalan passport stamp
  • Completed application form (available at the information window)
  • Q118.50 GTQ (as of Feb 2013).

STEP 1B - Tourist Visa Extension by Border Run

Alternatively, you can extend your tourist visa by leaving the country and returning to get a new stamp. You will need to visit a non CA-4 country like Mexico, Belize, USA, etc so that upon re-entry into Guatemala you receive a new passport entry stamp with another 90 days. Remember that once the vehicle exits Guatemala it is not allowed to return for 90 days, so this border run must be performed without the vehicle. You can use this as an opportunity to store your motorcycle in a Guatemala City storage unit, fly back to the USA while the primary TIP is still valid and then return to Guatemala City with a new passport stamp in order to get the TIP extension.

STEP 2 - Vehicle TIP Extension

The process to have your vehicle TIP extended is a lot easier and can be done free of charge in Guatemala City in 15-30 minutes. The steps are outlined in great detail here: How To Extend Your Vehicle’s Import Permit. It's recommended that you read all of the comments in the post. NOTE, this process only works if you've already received a new stamp date on your passport either by using the above process through Immigracion or by leaving the country via air or ground.

Drive your vehicle to the Aduana Express Aereo office, which is located next to Guatemala City's International Airport. Upon arrival a parking guard will let you into the lot and record your information. You will then enter the office and wait less than 20 minutes to reach the main counter. The worker will extend your TIP to the new date on your passport free of charge. The worker will make copies on their side and will not ask you for additional copies or payment from your side. When you exit Guatemala you must cancel the TIP at the border.


  • Your vehicle (they may inspect it to make sure the VIN #'s match)
  • Title of the vehicle
  • Current/Active Vehicle Permit that you are extending
  • Passport

Storing a vehicle and temporarily leaving the country[edit]

The vehicle import permit can be "temporarily extended" if you wish to visit a neighboring country such as Belize or Mexico, and reinstated once one decides to come back to the country. All one needs to do is pay another visit to the Customs office and inform them of the dates one is leaving and returning. Not official policy, but a courtesy they can extend to you. They’re losing revenue by allowing people to stay in the country for long stretches of time without paying import taxes.

Overlanders have left their vehicle in Guatemala and flown out of the country. Make sure you're back before the temporary import permit expires and you should be fine. Foreigners can also rent storage units for a motorcycle in Guatemala. The manager of the storage unit may at first insist that you need a "NIT," which is Guatamala's tax identification number, but you do not need a NIT to rent a storage unit as a foreigner.

Exiting with a vehicle[edit]

  • The TIP must be cancelled by the registered owner at the border when exiting Guatemala.
  • A new TIP must be acquired for the new country that you are entering.

Make sure you get the TIP cancellation documentation signed and keep it. Upon re-entering Guatemala we were told that we never had our temporary import cancelled. We were sure we had but had not kept the paperwork from that time and so had no proof. This lead to 5 hours and a lot of money in fines and process getting back into Guatemala.

NOTE: As with entering Guatemala, you will definitely encounter very pushy locals offering to help you with paperwork to get across the border. See Central America Border Crossings for advice.

Re-entering Guatemala[edit]

If your vehicle leaves Guatemala then it will not be allowed back in again for another 90 days. There are however some ways around this. The record of the vehicle is tied to the VIN and the passport number of the owner. So one way around this re-entry limit, if you have 2 people, is to come back into the country with a different owner. At the border we were even told by an official how to do this: there was a notary right at the border who for a fee draw up documents that the SAT office recognised as the vehicle changing ownership. Another possibility is to fill in the sale portion of the title documentation but this may cause trouble back in the vehicle's home country. Another possibility I haven't tried is if you yourself have passports from 2 different countries then present the other passport (including at immigration) when entering.

  • Re-entry is possible with 1 driver! We were able to temporarily suspend our Guatemalan TIP while travelling through Honduras and central America, you MUST make this clear to the agent at the border and they can put a hold on your TIP. This hold will only last for the duration your TIP is valid. Meaning if you entered on June 1st, and your TIP was valid for 3 months until September 1st, you would have to re-enter Guatemala within those 3 months. Your temporarily held TIP will still expire on its original date. We had no issues re-entering Guatemala, they will print directly onto your TIP "Temporarily Suspended" while you are out of the country - April 2023.

Driving in Guatemala[edit]

Recommended books for Overlanding in Guatemala[edit]

Lonely Planet Guatemala (travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Guatemala (travel Guide)
by Lonely Planet, Lucas Vidgen, Daniel C Schechter
From $12.14 on Amazon
Work Less To Live Your Dreams: A Practical Guide To Sa...
Work Less To Live Your Dreams: A Practical Guide To Sa...
by Dan Grec
From $click on Amazon
Don't Go There. It's Not Safe. You'll Die. And Other M...
Don't Go There. It's Not Safe. You'll Die. And Other M...
by LifeRemotely.com
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Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook
Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook
by Donald Greene
From $29.95 on Amazon
99 Days To Panama: An Exploration Of Central America B...
99 Days To Panama: An Exploration Of Central America B...
by John Halkyard, Harriet Halkyard
From $20.96 on Amazon
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route And Planning Gu...
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route And Planning Gu...
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Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Gu...
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Gu...
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Belize, Guatemala & Southern Mexico Handbook (footprin...
Belize, Guatemala & Southern Mexico Handbook (footprin...
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TRAVELIVING - a romantic & practical guide

TRAVELIVING - a romantic & practical guide
by The Pin Project

at 10$ on thepinproject.eu

Travel Medical Insurance for Guatemala[edit]

World Nomads offer the most flexible Travel Insurance at the best prices for multi-country / multi-year trips. You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you've left home.

IMG Patriot Health Insuraunce is another good option

Vehicle insurance requirements[edit]

As of January 2017 and according to the officials at the borders of Tecun Uman, a road insurance is not mandatory.

Cost of Insurance[edit]

Liability only From Seguros G&T costs approximately (as of Sept 2023):

  • Q229.00 GTQ for 15 days (130,000 GTQ of liability, which is not much).
  • Q306.00 GTQ for 1 month
  • Q459.00 GTQ for 2 months
  • Q612.00 GTQ for 3 months

Where to purchase insurance[edit]

Todo Riesgo has offices in both Santa Elena, Peten and Guatemala City. We went to the Guatemala City office to get insurance for Guatemala and it turned out the insurance covered us for all of CA-4 Countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua). The policy does not cover Belize and Panama. I was told that the policy technically will cover you in Costa Rica, but its not worth buying because upon arrival to Costa Rica, you must buy Costa Rican specific vehicle insurance at the border before Costa Rica will issue you a TIP. Therefore, just buy this insurance for the time you will be in the CA-4 countries.

Todo Riesgo address in Guatemala City: 7a Avenida "A" 4-40, zona 9, Guatemala, CA

Email: icarrillo@todoriesgo.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/todoriesgo.net/

Phone: 502-2380-1111

Ask for: Isabel Carrillo, Alejandra Mendoza or Sergio Ramazzini (I spoke Spanish, so don't know how good their English is).

I was told today (31-MAR-2016) at the Todo Riesgo office in Guatemala City: They will let you order by email. They need copies of your passport, car registration, and title.

I bought maximum liability that they would sell me: 130,000 GTQ. Policy was good for BELIZE, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, EL SALVADOR, NICARAGUA and COSTA RICA. Not Panama. Doesn't seem to cover my car at all. They had 30 day, 60, 90, and 120.

August 2019: Just bought the same coverage for my Jeep. I spoke to Isabel Carrillo, the whole process took maybe 20 minutes. You'll need your passport, car registration and the TIP. I've updated the prices above, which seem to cover all cars. I suppose they're different for motorcycles and camper vans. I was told I can extend the coverage, should I need to, via email. Belize and Panama are definitely not covered. As they're only brokers for Seguros G&T, who underwrite the policy, I suspect the same can be bought from Seguros G&T directly or any other broker in Central America, who works with them. It wouldn't be much of a difference in price (Todo Riesgo charge a 5% commission), but might make things easier, especially when going north.

Seguros G&T Website

Driving license[edit]

Technically an International Driving Permit is required.
In reality, showing a license from anywhere in the world seems to be good enough.

Driving side of road[edit]

Right hand drive vehicles are permitted without problem.

Mandatory items in vehicle[edit]

Fire extinguisher and safety triangles (2) for any roadside problems/accidents, etc. If a driver is stopped by the police, the absence of these items in the car can result in a citation and fine.


General Road quality[edit]

Roads in Guatemala vary greatly. The Pan American is paved and good quality for the length of the country, as are most other highways. Lesser roads are gravel and can be very bumpy and rutted. Towards the center of the country, roads are extremely bumpy and slow-going. During the rainy season many roads are impassable.

Road signs[edit]

Road signs are uncommon, and can not be relied upon.

Toll roads[edit]

The only toll road runs from Escuintla to Palin on the highway towards Guatemala City and costs Q15.25 GTQ, credit cards accepted. By far the best road in the entire country.

Bribery in Guatemala[edit]

Police bribery is relatively common in Guatemala, so you should expect it to happen. See the bribery tips page for advice.


Police checkpoints are not very common in Guatemala. You'll primarily be asked to show your Passport, Vehicle registration, drivers license, and the temporary import permit you were issued at the border.

It's a good idea to have copies of all important documents in a separate envelope. Police cannot confiscate official documents as they are considered to be personal property; however, if a police officer is insistent you can relinquish your copies instead.

Traveling with pets[edit]

Crossed October 2017 with two dogs from Belize to Guatemala- The "helpers" sent us to the office for animal paperwork. We had copies of the documents from Belize and current vaccinations. Presented those copies. The man came to the truck and looked at the pets. We had to pay $25Q at the bank window and take him the receipt. He issued a paper with both dogs names and his signature. I don't think we HAD to do this. I believe we could have driven on without anyone asking, as we did not have to show the paper at the gate or at the bridge. But we have the paper and the dogs are legally imported into Guatemala. (reported by www.slowcarfasthouse.com)

According to travelers in 2012, you need: [1]
Travelers in 2013 wrote this when traveling from Belize to Guatemala: [2]

  • A Health Certificate for the animal in Spanish (updated at least every four months)
  • A vaccination record (the European Pet Passport works well)

You might not be asked for either one, but you should have them ready.

Gas and Diesel price in Guatemala[edit]

Last updated: January 2024

Currency and unit to display:

Gasoline Grade Price
Regular Q29.00 GTQ per Gallon (US)[3]
Super (90) Q30.50 GTQ per Gallon (US)[4]
Premium (95)  ??
Ultra (97)  ??
Normal Diesel Q30.00 GTQ per Gallon (US)
Diesel (low sulfur)  ??

Gas and Diesel Availability / Frequency[edit]

Gasoline is common.

Gas and Diesel Quality[edit]

Accepted to be low quality. Low sulfur diesel is generally available.

Safety and Security Considerations[edit]

Driving at night[edit]

Driving at night is absolutely not recommended in Guatemala, due to safety considerations.

  • The North of the country near the Belize border is known to be especially dangerous.
  • Driving all the way around Lake Atitlán (Lago de Atitlán) is not recommended - numerous Overlanders have encountered bandits along the road to the South.
  • A local source advises the South Atitlan bandits are offduty police, 'work' from 8 to 5. It is possible to retain on-duty police escort, tip is not obligatory. North Atitlan road from San Pedro bandits are campesinos, 'work' from 10PM to 3AM.

Vehicle parking[edit]

Find a secure parking lot to park for any length of time. Price unknown.

Special driving considerations[edit]

Like most Central American countries, you need to expect the unexpected at all times. Unlike Mexico, speed bumps are no longer called "topes" and are referred to as "tumulos" in Guatemala.

Security advisories and information[edit]

Camping in Guatemala[edit]

Camping is not popular in Guatemala, though you will find the odd spot if you keep a lookout. Roadside camping can be OK in the smaller out-of-the-way places.
The Police in Antigua offer a free campground in the middle of the city - a popular meeting place for Overlanders. See Overland Travel Interest below

TURICENTRO AUTOMARISCOS, KM 33.8 Carr al Pacifico, Amatitlan, Guatemala. Base camp for climbing Volcan Pacaya, and Indian market of Palin. “Natural Hot Springs, Camping for RV and Tents - best in the Americas” 5 of 5 starsReviewed March 22, 2015 From Alaska to Argentina, driving the Pan AMerica Highway in a RV, we have never encountered such a paradise campground. Seafood Restaurant, Olympic Swimming Pool, 5 smaller pools, jacuzzi, vapor baths, picnic tables, barbeques, shelters, full hook ups for RVs, and free high speed WI-Fi.... what more!!!

Visited March 2015

Camping guide books[edit]

  • Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping by Church - Known as THE bible for Mexican camping, the newer versions also have information for Guatemala and Belize. Includes GPS co-ordinates, descriptions of campsites, and other pertinent info. Very informative, especially for someone camping in a larger vehicle.

Drinking water[edit]

Tap water in Guatemala is not safe to drink. Even in populated tourist areas, such as Antiqua, tap water should not be considered safe. Most tourist restaurants will use filtered water for ice cubes and washing fruit and vegetables; however, these rules do not apply in rural, less touristy areas. To be safe, always drink bottled/filtered water and only eat fruits and vegetables that can be peeled.


Paper maps[edit]

Reise Know-How are amoung the best paper maps. Purchase paper maps before arriving in Guatemala

Guatemala, Belize = Gvatemala, Beliz
Guatemala, Belize = Gvatemala, Beliz
by Reise Know-How Verlag
From $9.18 on Amazon
Guatemala (national Geographic Adventure Map)
Guatemala (national Geographic Adventure Map)
by National Geographic Maps - Adventure
From $8.25 on Amazon
Guatemala (national Geographic Adventure Map)
Guatemala (national Geographic Adventure Map)
by National Geographic Maps - Adventure
From $8.25 on Amazon
Lonely Planet Guatemala, Belize & Yucatan La Ruta Maya...
Lonely Planet Guatemala, Belize & Yucatan La Ruta Maya...
by Tom Brosnahan, Nancy Keller
From $40.15 on Amazon

The Mexico Road Atlas (aka the Guia Roji) also has maps of Guatemala. It can be bought at gas stations within Mexico for around $20.00 USD. It is updated yearly, and is in Spanish.

GPS Maps of Guatemala[edit]

  • Open Street Map: Appears to have good coverage.[5]
  • Cenrut: Free Open Source GPS map of Central America. Coverage is occasionally better than OSM. [6]
  • Garmin: Apparently no map of Guatemala beside Garmin WorldMap.
  • TomTom: No map of Guatemala. [7]
  • Google Maps Navigation: served us surprisingly well (mid-2015). It can get tricky in smaller towns as almost every street is one-way and either Google does not have the one-way direction it has it wrong.

GPS co-ordinates for camping, propane, gas, repairs, etc. in Guatemala[edit]

Special Overland Travel interests[edit]

  • Camping in Antigua is free at the walled and guarded Tourist Police compound. Toilets and cold showers are free also. You are guaranteed to bump into other Overlanders here. The exact location in town is marked on the map in the Lonely Planet, or ask any Police officer for the Police Touristica. GPS coordinates: N14 33.347 W90 44.379 As recently as 2015 some people have had trouble getting in - keep persisting and you will get in.
  • Length of stay and curfew can vary depending on the current attitude of the Tourist Police. It's possible to gain permission to stay up to 3 weeks if you ask nicely. Curfew is typically after 10pm and the gates will reopen at 6am.

Vehicle Maintenance[edit]


4x4s / Trucks


Local Garages[edit]

  • Puento Nuevo Centro de Servicio - In Coban (closest major town to Semuc Champey). Excellent mechanics and fair prices. GPS: 15.47108 -90.38497
  • Toyota Dealership in Guatemala City - Typical dealership prices, but speak English and are very helpful. They can also recommend other reliable mechanics if you aren't near a dealership. GPS 14.635197 -90.583831

Buy or sell a car or motorbike in Guatemala[edit]

Describe how a foreigner can buy a vehicle. List any difficulties or limitations on where the vehicle can be driven.

Details and costs for importing a vehicle in Guatemala are listed here: How to import your car into Guatemala Taxes, Fees & Paperwork


UnWireMe: Extend Your Car's Import Permit While In Guatemala

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  2. Traveling with dogs from Canada to Argentina. Experiences and Infos.
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  6. Cenrut Mapping Project
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