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National Tourist Routes (Norwegian: Nasjonale turistveger) is a Norwegian Public Roads Administration designation for road routes that offer a picturesque trip and have been upgraded with tourist-friendly infrastructure, such as rest stops and viewpoints. They are all paved and suitable for road vehicles, so offer little in the way of challenging driving for the dedicated off road overlander. However, they can offer plenty of natural beauty.

18 routes have been selected, covering 1,850 kilometers (1,150 mi), have been selected, and signposting has begun. They are located along the West Coast, in Northern Norway and in the mountains of Southern Norway. The routes have been selected based on their unique natural surroundings, status as alternatives to main roads, and availability of viewpoints and tourist services. In combination with the routes, the authorities have coordinated the establishment of accommodation, cultural activities, dining, sale of local arts and crafts, and natural experiences.

A special sign has been developed, showing a kind of knot on brown background.

A list of the routes can be found among the external links below.

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