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Currency to display:

WikiOverland contains prices entered in different currencies. Sometimes it's the currency local to the country in question, and sometimes it's the preferred currency of the person editing the article.
WikiOverland handles this by automatically converting prices into any currency the reader chooses, and in the case of gas and diesel prices, it also converts the unit of measure (liters or gallons).

Selecting a currency to display[edit]

Any page on WikiOverland that contains a price, will contain the currency selector where the user can select their preferred currency (and unit when applicable).
An example is shown at the top right of this page, "Currency to display".
Look in the list now to see the 125 currencies WikiOverland can convert between.

Once the user makes a selection, all prices on the page will be displayed in that currency.
For Example, I've entered the following as 100 United States dollars, and it will be converted into whatever currency you choose above: $100.00 USD

The selection is stored in a cookie, so all future pages will also display in the chosen currency and unit.

Entering a simple price[edit]

For the purposes of this demonstration, use the currency selector at the top of the page to see what happens to the prices:

Description You type You get (automatically converted)
Simple price
<price cost="100" currency="USD" />

$100.00 USD

Price in sentence example
Camping usually costs <price cost="10" currency="USD" /> per person per night.

Camping usually costs $10.00 USD per person per night.

Entering a price with unit[edit]

For the purposes of this demonstration, use the currency and unit selector below to see what happens to the prices:
Currency and unit to display:

Description You type You get (automatically converted)
Price with liter unit
<price cost="5" currency="USD" unit="liter" />

$5.00 USD per Liter

Price with galUS unit
<price cost="5" currency="USD" unit="galUS" />

$5.00 USD per Gallon (US)

Price with galUK unit
<price cost="5" currency="USD" unit="galUK" />

$5.00 USD per Gallon (UK)

All currencies of the world are accepted. A full list of currency codes can be seen at List of circulating currencies

For the unit of measure, the values "liter", "gal" and "galUK" are accepted.

Currency conversion information[edit]

Currency conversion is completed behind the scenes using the Open Exchange Rates API, and all conversion data is updated every 6 hours.