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WBN 324 Travel Radio.

WBN is branching out to Travel Radio. Overloading stories, interview’s etc Plus we have just started an instant message group on Telegram Click —> If you are interested in sharing your overland story on the radio or you’d like to listen to other adventure travel stories join the group

  1. WBN324 WBN 324

WBN 324 Travel Radio.

Hi all. I'm a long time female overlander, And I love it! I'm now in a position to share your stories on my network to inspire other to spread their wings. 'Italic text'The WBN 324 started as political talk radio and have now established 120K listener peak so far. But I'd like to move on and add travel to the brand.

Click —>

Pop by and spread a little love. I'd love to get you on the radio! Particularly if you are still out on the road or track. 

Love & Peace always. . 



Hello dear travellers, we would like to know if they are any way to get pur own vehicle to Sri Lanka? Any tips? And how?

Lovely greeting from India ❤️ Isi, Sebastian and Noah

Why no Montenegro?[edit]