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[edit] Entering Turkey with a Car or Motorbike

Correct as of: August 2013

[edit] Required Paperwork

You just need your original Vehicle registration and passport, in the same name.

[edit] Process at border

(For people, see Turkey Visa and Passport requirements at the World Travel Guide)
If you do not have a Visa yet you will first have to buy one at around €10.00 EUR. They will put a big stamp in your passport. With this you go to the vehicle registration and get your car papers in order. All this should not take you more than 15 minutes.

[edit] Cost of entry


[edit] Permitted length of stay

30 days.

[edit] Extension of stay

Describe the process to extend the permitted length of entry for the vehicle, if possible.

[edit] Storing a vehicle and temporarily leaving the country

Describe if/how a vehicle can be stored, and for how long.
Also mention if the owner / temporary importer can leave the country while the vehicle is in storage.

[edit] Exiting with a vehicle

Describe the paperwork requirements and process at the border to exit.

[edit] Driving in Turkey

[edit] Insurance requirements

Liability insurance is compulsory. Most European insurance policies will include Turkey.

[edit] Cost of insurance

State the price of insurance and a time period.

[edit] Where to purchase insurance

Describe where insurance can be purchased.

[edit] Driving license

Any kind of valid drivers license is good.

[edit] Driving side of road

RHD vehicles can drive in Turkey.

[edit] Mandatory items in vehicle

State any mandatory items that must be carried in the vehicle. (i.e. safety triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.)

[edit] Roads

[edit] General Road quality

Turkey has an extensive network of tarmac roads, usually in good condition. Roads where there is heavy truck traffic might be damaged or potholed.

[edit] Road signs

All major roads will have good road signs. On secondary roads, not always.

[edit] Toll roads

The major highways are toll roads but they are excellent. Around Istanbul, between Istanbul and Ankara and further south there are these excellent highways. They are much faster than taking the local roads and are not to expensive.

[edit] Bribery in Turkey

I have driven extensively in Turkey and never encountered any bribery attempts.

[edit] Checkpoints

describe the frequency of checkpoints (police or military and what to expect.

[edit] Traveling with pets

List the entry requirements and anything else required to travel with a pet.

[edit] Gas and Diesel price in Turkey

Last updated: October 2012

Currency and unit to display:

Gasoline Grade Price
Unleaded €1.97 EUR per Liter[1]
Diesel €1.68 EUR per Liter[1]

[edit] Gas and Diesel Availability / Frequency

Fuel is incredibly expensive in Turkey and I assume good business. You will find fuel everywhere
Every town has one or more petrol stations and on heavy traveled roads also in between.

[edit] Gas and Diesel Quality

Discuss if gasoline / diesel considered "clean" or "dirty", and generally high or low quality.
State the sulfur content of diesel, if known.

[edit] Safety and Security Considerations

[edit] Driving at night

Discuss driving at night and if it should it be avoided. Mention why.

[edit] Vehicle parking

Discuss if vehicles can be parked on the street, if they are considered "safe" at night. If vehicles can not be parked on the street, list the other options that exist.

[edit] Special driving considerations

In Turkey there are many, many speed controls so watch your speed. Not only in towns but also in the country side.

[edit] Security advisories and information

[edit] Camping in Turkey

There are many campsites in Turkey, specially, but not only, around tourist attractions. Most will have all the facilities like (hot) water, power etc.

[edit] Camping guide books

List and link to books specifically for camping.

[edit] Drinking water

Describe if the regular tap water is safe to drink. If not, describe where safe water can be purchased and the approximate average price range.

[edit] Navigation

[edit] Paper maps

Description of the best paper maps and where to purchase them.

[edit] GPS Maps of Turkey

Review different GPS companies, quality and coverage (Tomtom, Garmin, OSM, Tracks4Africa). (with links to each).

[edit] GPS co-ordinates for camping, propane, gas, repairs, etc. in Turkey

Link to sites that have a list of GPS co-ordinates (or directions) for camping locations (including "wild" campsites), propane filling, gas stations, repair shops, places of interest, etc.

[edit] Special Overland Travel interests

List any special items / places that are popular with Overlanders

[edit] Travel Guide Books

List good travel guide books (not necessarily Overland related.

[edit] Vehicle Maintenance

[edit] Dealers

4x4s / Trucks


[edit] Local Garages

Add known good mechanics here.

[edit] Buy or sell a car or motorbike in Turkey

Describe how a foreigner can buy a vehicle. List any difficulties or limitations on where the vehicle can be driven.

Describe how a foreigner can sell a foreign-plated vehicle, or list not possible.'

[edit] References

Links to the source of any information - blogs or discussion forums, etc.

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[edit] Helpful External links

Add any helpful external links here.

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