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Visiting Cameroon[edit]

Cameroon is a spectacularly beautiful and friendly country to visit. From the mountains in the North West to the beaches and Mount Cameroon, there is something for everyone.

Entering Cameroon with a Car or Motorbike[edit]

Correct as of: March 2017

Travel Visa for Cameroon[edit]

The travel visa for Cameroon is easy to get, with virtually everyone who travels South getting it in Calabar, Nigeria. A three month visa costs the same as a one month.
The visa can be paid for in Nigeria Naira, Euros, US Dollars or West African francs, though due to the black market Naira exchange rate, that is the best option. The price is ₦37,000.00 NGN.

Coming from the South, you can get the visa in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo for $110.00 USD

Required Paperwork[edit]

(no copies are required)

Process at border[edit]

  • Get yourself stamped in at immigration.
  • Go to Douane to get a temporary import for the vehicle. Using the vehicle registration the officer will write out a Passavant, valid for 2 weeks.
  • If you have a Carnet de Passage, you don't need the Passavant.

NOTE: Technically Cameroon is not on the list of countries that use the Carnet de Passage, so be prepared to come up with a story or argument why they should accept it!

Cost of entry[edit]

Entry with a Carnet de Passage is free, the passavant costs CFA10,000.00 XOF

Permitted length of stay[edit]

With a passavant it's one month.

Extension of stay[edit]


Storing a vehicle and temporarily leaving the country[edit]

Describe if/how a vehicle can be stored, and for how long.
Also mention if the owner / temporary importer can leave the country while the vehicle is in storage.

Exiting with a vehicle[edit]

  • Get yourself stamped out at Immigration.
  • Get your Carnet de Passage stamped out if you have one.

All should be free, do not pay for this.

Driving in Cameroon[edit]

Recommended books for Overlanding in Cameroon[edit]

Overland Travel Essentials: West Africa: Myths, Miscon...
Overland Travel Essentials: West Africa: Myths, Miscon...
by Dan Grec
From $click on Amazon
Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary (lonely P...
Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary (lonely P...
by Lonely Planet
From $3.74 on Amazon
Work Less To Live Your Dreams: A Practical Guide To Sa...
Work Less To Live Your Dreams: A Practical Guide To Sa...
by Dan Grec
From $click on Amazon
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route And Planning Gu...
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route And Planning Gu...
by Chris Scott
From $22.49 on Amazon
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Gu...
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Gu...
by Chris Scott
From $click on Amazon
Eco-efficient Masonry Bricks And Blocks: Design, Prope...
Eco-efficient Masonry Bricks And Blocks: Design, Prope...
From $166.24 on Amazon

Travel insurance for Cameroon[edit]

World Nomads offer the most flexible Travel Insurance at the best prices for multi-country / multi-year trips. You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you've left home.

Vehicle insurance requirements[edit]

Insurance does not seem to be required, Police never seem to ask for it for people just transiting through, though you might want to have something to show anyone looking for a bribe.

Cost of vehicle insurance[edit]


Where to purchase vehicle insurance[edit]

Unknown within Cameroon

Driving license[edit]

Anything from your home country will be accepted.

Driving side of road[edit]

RHD vehicles are allowed without problem.

Mandatory items in vehicle[edit]

You probably need two safety triangles, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.


General Road quality[edit]

Cameroon has a mix of good tarmac and horribly potholed roads. Many of the main roads between big cities have been damaged by heavy fuel tanker traffic. There is a lot of work being done on the roads but you will undoubted get many stretches that are horrible. Where new roads have been built, they are excellent.

Road signs[edit]

Limited road signs, some do exist but not always obvious. Those that do exist are not always good quality.

Toll roads[edit]

The major highways in Cameroon do have toll booths. You can expect to pay either CFA500.00 XOF or CFA1,000.00 XOF every few hundred kilometres on those roads.

Bribery in Cameroon[edit]

Bribery is common, you should expect officers at checkpoints to either directly ask for money or a gift. Maybe they will invent a story about why you must pay. Be polite, and don’t pay

See the bribery tips page for general advice.


There are many checkpoints and random stops where Police will check all your paperwork. Don't pay. Stay friendly and polite. Never use your mobile phone or camera at check points.

Traveling with pets[edit]

List the entry requirements and anything else required to travel with a pet.

Gas price in Cameroon and Diesel price in Cameroon[edit]

Last updated: March 2017

Currency and unit to display:

Gasoline Grade Price
Unleaded FCFA638.00 XAF per Liter
Diesel FCFA583.00 XAF per Liter

Gas and Diesel Availability / Frequency[edit]

All towns have stations, all stations always have gasoline and diesel. Both are also available in small containers on the side of the road. Quality is likely very bad when bought like that. Near Nigeria it's possible to get cheap fuel from there, but again, the quality is probably not great.

Gas and Diesel Quality[edit]

Usually very bad - both have dirt and/or water, diesel is likely extremely high sulphur content.

Safety and Security Considerations[edit]

Driving at night[edit]

Driving at night is not recommended out of towns and cities due to poor lighting, poor road conditions and increased police checks after 6pm in the evening. There can also be armed robbery on the roads in remote places and some even place bogus road blocks. Also watch out for cars without lights.

Vehicle parking[edit]

Cars can be parked but watch out for the tow zones in major cities and also pay and display. Vehicles can be parked on the streets and usually are safe. At night try to park in compounds or other known safe zones

Special driving considerations[edit]

Speed bumps even on high speed roads. Road blocks for police which can be twigs or trees also used for vehicles that are broken down. Drivers don't always drive smoothly and can pull out it is usual to horn before and whilst overtaking. Likewise when approaching a junction to alert people of your present. Pedestrians jaywalk so again use the horn and drive with care. Animals such as cows and goats can be in the road. Watch for people and children at school times and also on Fridays (Mosque days) and Sundays (church days). People tend to dress in dark clothing and lighting may be poor so watch out at night.

Remote roads where there is no traffic. Stick to main roads as more likely to get help if you need it in case of break down etc.

Security advisories and information[edit]

Camping in Cameroon[edit]

Camping is not common in Cameroon, though it can be done in the right places.
Wildcamping is possible, though it's difficult to get away from people. Often the Military or Police will want you to register with them beforehand, which turns into an ordeal.

Camping guide books[edit]

List and link to books specifically for camping.

Drinking water[edit]

It's not recommended to drink tap water - filter it or buy bottles.


Paper maps[edit]

Reise Know-How are among the best paper maps. Purchase paper maps before arriving in Cameroon

Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea 1:1,300,000 Travel ...
Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea 1:1,300,000 Travel ...
by Reise Knowhow
From $12.95 on Amazon
Nonfiction Reading And Writing Workshop Springboard: A...
Nonfiction Reading And Writing Workshop Springboard: A...
by National Geographic Learning
From $14.95 on Amazon
Cameroon 1:1,500,000 And Gabon 1:950,000 Travel Map (i...
Cameroon 1:1,500,000 And Gabon 1:950,000 Travel Map (i...
by ITM Canada
From $4.99 on Amazon
Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary
by Lonely Planet, Michael Janes, Jean-Bernard Carille...
From $3.96 on Amazon

GPS Maps of Cameroon[edit]

  • Garmin Open Street Maps has excellent coverage of all roads - highways and cities.
  • Tracks4Africa is an SD Card for Garmin GPS, and contain Routable turn-by-turn maps with 809,000 kms of roads and over 129,000 points of interest.
Gps Map Of Africa
Gps Map Of Africa
From $click on Amazon

GPS co-ordinates for camping, propane, gas, repairs, etc. in Cameroon[edit]

  • iOverlander is a website and iPhone application designed by Overlanders, for Overlanders. It contains GPS co-ordinates and reviews for camping, hotels, propane, water, mechanics, borders and much more.

Special Overland Travel interests[edit]

  • There are quite a few great spots listed in iOverlander - check there.
  • The Chimpanzees in Marionburg are a highlight of West Africa!

Vehicle Maintenance[edit]


4x4s / Trucks


Local Garages[edit]

Add known good mechanics here.

Buy or sell a car or motorbike in Cameroon[edit]

Describe how a foreigner can buy a vehicle. List any difficulties or limitations on where the vehicle can be driven.

Describe how a foreigner can sell a foreign-plated vehicle, or list not possible.'


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