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Overland summary[edit]

The West coast of Africa is less frequently traveled than the East Coast, and is more rugged and logistically challenging.
Multiple countries require visas, and some will only issue "transit visas" for very short stays.
French language will be a huge benefit, though is not absolutely needed.


(Listed North to South, though the trip is equally valid South to North)


Others driving the route covered approximately 29,000kms (18,000 miles)[1].

Time Required[edit]

That West coast of Africa is usually driven in approximately 1 year, give or take.
Obviously, you can go as fast or slow as you please.


This will depend on many variable factors such as the time you take for the trip and how often you camp and cook your own food.

Other overlanders in 2011 and 2012 have found the approximate cost of West Africa to be £18,500.00 GBP for 2 people in one year.
See Africa route price comparison for a detailed price breakdown.

Logistical challenges[edit]

You do need a Carnet de Passage for many countries.
You do need visas for many countries, which can often be arranged in the prior country.

Border crossings[edit]

No specific details at this time.


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