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Motorway travel information[edit]

Thanks for your contributions; sounds like the motorway vignette is very important in Austria and Hungary. I've made a few adjustments to the text in the sections you edited and, in the case of Austria, I added a link where people can find more information. --Selfie City (talk) (contributions) 05:22, 1 January 2019 (GMT-13)

Hi, Thanks for correction. My english is very Bad. So please control me ! Best Regards --Sylvano Westy

Sure. Also, I added your username to the end of your comment above; it's best to add your username to the end of comments so it's clear who said what. An easy way to do it is just to add ~~~~ to the end of your comment. --Selfie City (talk) (contributions) 06:42, 1 January 2019 (GMT-13)
Also, while I'm on here, I might as well give you some tips to help with your English (I hope you don't mind).
1. The definition (meaning) of "control" is "to have power over" (see It generally implies "by force", and often not in a good way.
2. The rules in English about capitalization are very complicated. Basically, only specific words should be capitalized. For example, the word "school" would not be capitalized, but the word "John Smith School" would be, because it is referring to one, particular school. Particular places (for example, "England") are capitalized, and so are their languages (like "English").
3. A space is not left before an (!) or an (:). For example, in this sentence: We will bring these items: a book, a magazine, and a newspaper. And this sentence: Be careful!
--Selfie City (talk) (contributions) 09:28, 1 January 2019 (GMT-13)